This endlessly clowned-about piece of public telenovela is why Colombia is so captivating, but also so maligned

Colombia has many redeeming features. Most of all, she is likeable. In a world of increasing sameness, where every surface is sealed, every space moderated, every variable measured, Colombia is strangely therapeutic. Where existence no longer feels human-shaped, Colombia is distinctly human. It is really a fragile, timid animal, always melancholic, always acting out its fears in public, always spooked by its own tail. It is a strange horse.

It is also conflicted. Colombia is a creature that sees the world through a haze of psychedelic rage, fear, love and sadness. Everything in its immediate orbit gets sucked up into…

The president has repeatedly tried to create division according to traditional enemy lines, but many young Colombians no longer buy into their government’s “right-left” political caricature

Here we go again. Arm the good civilians. Lynch the troublemakers. Burn them. Bury them. Chop them up. Kill them before they grow. Since the 1990s, Colombia’s hot-headed violence seemed to have entered a sustained period of cooling-off. And yet 30 years on, the people are angry, the country is fractured and there is talk of an enemy amongst its own kind. But, who is it? Why is this happening now?

Take several million impoverished people, cut off their cash supply, confine them to their own tiny squalid living conditions, make them poorer, make them sicker, and yes, given the…

Colombians who have traded death like a commodity for political and financial gains are now the same people that choose to talk about life

The same people who turn a blind eye while we breathe filthy air, are the same people who choose not to pedestrianize city centers, choose not to offer subsidized public transport and choose not to move polluting factories far from low-income residential areas. People die. These people are mostly poor people.

The same people who control traffic congestion according to number plates, are the same people who hoard multiple polluting SUVs per household to bypass their own laws and move higher and higher up the mountains, away from the smog. People die. These people are mostly poor people.

The same…

Is veganism finally about to start to bite at existing cultural norms and strut the cultural landscape with more mettle and gallantry?

Part 1 — Moral Beliefs and Selfish Goals

Moral beliefs capture our attention fleetingly, not so much an advisory council to our daily rituals, rather, a quick skivvy of tomorrow’s front pages, a symbolic interval to our perpetual foraging, or a token half-time Super Bowl singalong.

Conversely, selfish goals tend to cram the playing field, consuming the best part of, and guiding our attention. As agents for our zingy pleasures, selfish goals conspire to lead and govern our behavior.

This may or may not be, due to our cultural norms, aiding and abetting our selfish goals, incorporating them into prominent features of our cultural landscape, while paying lip…

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Philosophy, Veganism, Colombia, Gaming, Football, Music — Preferably mashed together

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